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What is Foundation?

As the name suggests, this gives you the strong foundation required to learn and master English. We introduce you to English in this course

Who should join this?

This course is for those who are brand new to English and need to start learning it right from the beginning. In effect, for people, who have been using only Hindi or any other regional language for communication.

What does this course cover?

Sub topics covered in this course are, introduction to Alphabet, introduction to grammar, phonics, Basic Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Dictation, Framing Sentences, Self Introduction and Small Conversations.

What would be the overall outcome?

By the end of this course, you will be able to introduce yourself, which includes personal information, position, qualification, hobbies, likes, etc., in English. You will also be able to make small conversations regarding general or work related subjects, to the tune of upto 3-4 sentences.