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Speaking in English is should in today’s situation. If you are a student, a employment seeker, skilled or may be a home maker, speaking in English can help you in your professional moreover personal life. I Promise training and placement private limited offers Basic English Speaking Course in Mumbai. You will be able to read, write, understand, appreciate and speak English after the finalization of English Speaking Training. We uses very easy phrases and expressions to assist along you with your English speaking. You learn new vocabulary, refine your English pronunciation and make you communicate in real life situations. All of our English speaking classes in Mumbai have been specially designed on standard global pattern. It is totally different from the previous fashion and stress full method of school/college type of English language learning. In short, if you have got little knowledge of English and would like to talk more naturally – the way it’s really spoken – then this English course is perfect for you.

What is Basic English Speaking Course?

Basic English Speaking Course is a step higher than foundation, where we will be dealing with the basic grammatic and conversational components of English.

Who should join Basic English Speaking Course?

This course is for those who have some sort of an idea about English. As in, who do not require a foundation and who have a little knowledge about alphabets and basic reading.

What does this course cover?

The sub courses we will be covering in Basic are Reading, Writing, Basic Vocabulary, Basic Grammar, framing sentences, Self Introduction, Extempore/Impromptu Speaking, Day to Day Conversation.

What would be the overall outcome?

By the end of the english speaking classes in mumbai, you will be able to speak more confidently about yourself and your areas of interest. You will have a basic knowledge of English grammar and your selection of words would be much more appropriate to the given situation. Also, you will be able to make small conversations for upto 5-6 minutes.